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Twenty-eight Years Later: Where Are Nicholas’ Killers?

A newspaper in Italy recently asked how we felt about how Nicholas’ killers were treated.

This is what we said:

We never wanted revenge, only what the law prescribed. The one who drove the car was given 20 years in prison so he served the prescribed sentence and was then released. The one who fired the shot was sentenced to life imprisonment but became a ‘pentito’ (that is, he cooperated with the police and supplied information to clear up other crimes) and has had a good enough life under house arrest to have fathered two children. I have to leave it to Italians to decide if that is sufficient punishment for taking the life of an innocent child.

Reg Green

Corte di Cassazione - Roma

The “Corte di Cassazione”, ‘Supreme Court of Cassation’, in Rome (Source: Wikimedia)

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