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The Nicholas Effect is the title of a beautiful 12-minute video about Nicholas’ life and death. His parents discuss why they made the decision to donate, what that decision has meant to them, and the amazing effects around the world.
Click here to watch the video on YouTube.
Also available is the Italian version, Russian version, Spanish version, and Greek version.

Community groups, hospitals and schools in every corner of the United States show it, as do eye banks, the American Red Cross, business and charitable clubs, drivers’ education programs, surgeons and chaplains, undertakers and Scouts. Many say it is the most powerful tool they have ever used to raise awareness of the need for more donated organs and tissue.

“We’ve all seen it so often we know every word,” the head of one organ procurement group commented. “Every time the audience cries. And every time we cry, too.”

Working with Corporate Productions Inc., a documentary film-maker with a list of blue-ribbon clients, the foundation has produced a range of videos, aimed at introducing audiences to the problems and triumphs of transplantation. They make converts of organ donation wherever they are shown.

How Do You Say Thank You? An African American Perspective on Organ & Tissue Donation, was produced with National MOTTEP, the Minority Organ Tissue Transplant Education Program. In it African American donor families and recipients tell their poignant and inspiring stories about organ donation. When MOTTEP named 10 groups that had contributed most to helping transplantation among minorities, the Nicholas Green Foundation was one of them. (time 11:00)
The YouTube version can be found here.

A Child’s Gift, Pediatric Organ Donation looks at young children who need a transplant to go on living — and at parents who found the courage and compassion to donate their own child’s organs. (time 10:09)
The YouTube version can be found here.

Never Forget, Never Forgotten tells the story of tissue donors and their families who have saved — or dramatically changed — the lives of people suffering from cancer, crippled hearts, eye diseases and agonizing burns, for whom there was no other cure. Among other organizations the foundation worked closely with the American Association of Tissue Banks. This is the only professionally-made video that focuses on tissue donation. (time 10:17)
The YouTube version can be found here.

Four of a Kind consists of some of the most moving scenes from four of the foundation’s videos. (time 11:01)
The YouTube version can be found here.

Note from the Nicholas Green Foundation: Viewers of this website are permitted to download any of these videos or forward them to whoever they choose.

DVD versions are available for $6.00 (US) each, including shipping from:

The Nicholas Green Foundation
5701 Alder Ridge Drive
La Canada, CA 91011
Tel: 818-952-2095

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