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Stairway of Lawfulness

A primary school in Acerra, Italy, near Naples, has written, in large letters and on a background of bold colors, the names of victims of the Mafia on its front steps — including judges who knowingly put their lives at risk — so that every day the students will be forcibly reminded of the importance of combating lawlessness with justice.

On the first step, among all the Italian names, one is American: Nicholas Green. 

Stairway - Italian school

Photo by ‘Ansa’ press agency, Italy

Link to Ansa article: https://www.ansa.it/campania/notizie/comune_di_acerra/2023/03/21/inaugurata-scala-legalita-al-iv-circolo-didattico_605bddc1-da82-4502-b9d0-0b816b23ab6e.html

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